Typhoon Time

Remember how I said I started lessons today? I lied. I am a liar. I thought I stared lessons today, but in fact I start on Monday. Which is perhaps good, it gives me the weekend to look over my slides and prepare things. Although it also means I have to sit here all morning with nothing to do again. Luckily my friend Catherine gave me a book to read (as I have already read everything I brought. I really need to go to Starbucks and use their wireless internet so I can download some new books to my kindle!).

It`s POURING rain today. Typhoon time. I arrived at school (after biking the 3.8km it takes to get here from my house) looking like a drowned rat. I was wearing a full body rain suit, but the typhoon winds and aggressive rain can pretty much penetrate any type of raingear, it seems. I guess this is another good reason I am not teaching lessons today.

We have a September monthly meeting this afternoon in the city, so I get to leave work at noon since I have to cycle home, have lunch, and then take the train in. After our meeting we have an enkai (party: Japanese style) with the staff of the BOE and any other ALTs who want to come. That should be fun and I am looking forward to interacting with native English speakers again. I can already feel myself going slightly insane. On my bike ride home yesterday I was talking to myself. I didn’t even notice. I was just talking to myself as I was biking, and then I noticed I was getting slightly stranger looks than I usually do when I am cycling around. Then I was like, why are all these people looking at me? Except I said that out loud… because I was talking to myself… Then I was like, why am I saying that out loud? … Oh my God I am losing my mind. So let’s hope that interacting with people who understand me will change that.

UPDATE: So I went to the meeting in the city only to find that the enkai was cancelled due to the typhoon! They cancel parties but not meetings? So basically I came all the way in, through this hurricane, only to sit for 10 minutes and listen to notifications on things I already knew about. Also, the trains got cancelled, due to the winds and rain, so I was stuck in the city! Not that I minded though, just because the BOE is no longer holding the party doesn`t mean we can`t do it on our own. No typhoon will stop us! So party we did. I stayed with a friend that night, and ended up staying all day Saturday too, and we went out again. This time, however, I missed my last train home at 11:19pm due to our dinner and drinks, but fortunately (or unfortunately, as I would pay for it later) we stayed out, in a bar, until 5:30 am, when we decided we`d better go home and go to bed as it was now bright out. I decided not to bother sleeping in the city, so took the 6:01am train home! By the time I got home it was as bright as day (and it was the time I usually get up to go to work), so needless to say my sleeping schedule got pretty confused. I went to bed, set an alarm for 1pm, then forced myself to stay awake until like 8pm, then went back to sleep, as I had school the next morning. It was a fun weekend though, and I think the only time I literally stayed up until dawn.

For the record: I have made light of the typhoon situation, and it is technically over but unfortunately it was quite bad (the worst to hit Japan since 2004 the media says). The death toll has risen to 34, and 55 people remain missing. Evacuation orders were made for approximately 500,000 people and thousands remain without power. All is well in my prefecture, however Wakayama prefecture was hit hard (I had requested to be placed in this prefecture on my application to JET, but was given Ehime instead). As I’m sure you are already doing, since the disaster six months ago, keep sending positive vibes this way, Japan needs them.


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