Sports Day Practice & Lessons

Well I am still in the middle of my work week, as I am supposed to be helping with Sports Day this weekend so have 3 more days left until I get a break! However, we are supposed to be getting another hurricane (‘tis the season), so if it comes then we will not have Sports Day until the 20th. I really hope the weather is okay and it isn’t cancelled … That way I get a nice long vacation! I would only have to work on Thursday in the case that Sports Day occurs this weekend and with getting internet on Monday that means I can catch up on all my shows and relax for a few days! On the subject of Sports Day, many lessons are cancelled due to practice. It’s insane how much they are practicing for this one day. They practice everything from standing in a straight line with not a single person out of place, to the bows they will give to the principle before each event starts. It’s ridiculous. And it is so hot! I thought I was going to pass out and I wasn’t even doing any of the events, I was just sitting in the shade watching. I asked my JTE if students ever pass out from heat and his response was “sometimes they die, the younger kids and the grandparents because it is too hot for them”. Today it was 32 degrees but “felt like 38” said the weather, and there was not a cloud in sight. So let’s get a bunch of kids outside at and make them run around! Woo! Great idea! Oh and they are not allowed to wear sunglasses (neither am I) or hats, that’s just not appropriate… They were dropping like flies. I sat by the nurse and we made sure that the ones who were shaking (from heat stroke) were okay, had their water, and were safely in the shade. Sweet Lord.

Today’s lessons went well – I had two. I started my second grade lesson by shouting “DO YOU LOVE ENGLISH CLASS?” because the kids are by far not loud enough and every time they speak they are so quiet, so I am trying to encourage them to be louder and obnoxious unlike typical Japanese people. So I yelled louder “YES I DO” and encouraged them to shout that back and ran around the room and screamed “ENGLISH WOOO HOO” with my hands in the air. They weren’t quite getting it, but I figure if I do it every class to start off the Q&A’s with eventually they’ll catch on. I got a lot of them to pay attention though. Today they were learning “responses” (i.e. If I said, “I saw a movie this weekend” they would respond “awesome” or “sounds cool” or “I hope it was fun” or something to that nature). My job was to read them out and they repeat after me. There were positive and negative responses (“Sounds Fun” and “How interesting” versus “That’s too bad” or “Sorry to hear that”) so I would make really funny voices (and of course they all copied my intonation) which had a lot of them laughing. I think the class was a bit more exciting than the usual “repeat the foreigner” rut that the classes seem to get stuck in. My JTE came up to me afterwards and was like “thank you so much, you made them very excited and many were laughing, they enjoyed that class” so I felt I did a job well done. Especially since usually after a lesson I have never gotten any feedback (even if I ask for it).

That’s all for today! How exciting. Haha …Hope everyone else is enjoying their week!


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