A Lazy Sunday

In an effort to show you more what my everyday life is like – which began way back when I snapped some photos around my base school but was then abandoned due to my forgetful nature – here is me on a typical day (this particular day being Sunday the 16th) in my apartment. This is the bed I sleep on, but during the day I shift it upwards so part of it is against the wall, creating a makeshift couch. It is by no means as comfortable as even the most uncomfortable couch, but it does the trick. Catching up on my stories with my two roommates – Hello Kitty and Little Lamb.

lazy sunday with hello kitty and little lambA lazy Sunday on my makeshift couch

Watched the latest Survivor episode, which involved a disgusting challenge. Has anyone else been watching? Then caught up on The Big Bang Theory, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Rachel Zoe Project, and Up All Night. Thank God for the internet! Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend!


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