I got a YouTube account. It kept telling me I was already signed in under my google account every time I went there anyway, so I figured I may as well upload some of my videos that I am accumulating here in Japan; and so my YouTube channel was born.

This first video was taken on October 10th during the festival in my town which I posted about in “My Weekend Part IV: Aki Matsuri”. This video just gives you a feel for the atmosphere – look at how many people are there! – and the throwing of the shrines into the river. In this video, the guys jumped off the shrine before it went in the river, so they had to jump in afterwards to help lift it out.

So that was the scene on the 10th! It was quite a lot of fun, and the man you see at the end of the video who runs up to us and waves us forward was one of the guy who helped carry the shrine. He made sure we were right in the middle of the action the whole day! So kind!

Also, here are some highlights from my day yesterday:

1. I taught all 6 classes yesterday, which meant I had no free period, which meant by class 6 I was exhausted. In 6th period I was teaching the 3rd years of the Junior High School (the oldest kids I teach) and I had to read a paragraph and the students had to repeat after me. One of the words in one of the sentences was a Japanese word and I couldn’t pronounce it properly leading two of the male students in the back to laugh hysterically at me most of the class as I struggled. Although at this point in my day the English words were becoming difficult too. The teacher was trying to get these boys to stop laughing, but honestly, I don’t blame them. It was hilarious, at my expense… but class was awkward.

2. At a restaurant yesterday I had to go to the washroom, so I just got up and wandered to the first door at the back of the restaurant I found. Because everything is written in Japanese I never know if I am walking into the boys washroom or the girls, or if it’s even a washroom at all, which was the case yesterday. I tried to open the door but it was locked.. so I pulled a little harder, before then the waiter came over and pointed to the door beside it, which had a sign on it, in English, which said “WASHROOM”. Duh. Was I embarrassed by this? Nope. I just said “oh thank you” and walked to the proper door. Unfortunately, things such as this occur to me on a daily basis, and I am basically immune to embarrassment now. Another way I have changed since arriving in Japan, I suppose.

Happy Friday!


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