The Mask

This just in. I lasted almost two whole days at work without being told to wear a mask. Here I sit at my desk, hacking away, but denying my ill health, when my English teacher approaches with a mask in hand… I tried to avert my eyes… I thought “this can’t be for me” but sure enough, she stops at my desk, “Rachel-sensei, please wear this and take care”. NOOOO!

The white surgeon mask. Worn by non-surgeons in Japan to ward off disease and to prevent the spreading of illness. Although I have only had this on for a whole two minutes now, I must say it has is advantages. For one, I never realized how much I put my hands near my mouth until I had this mask on. That’s probably how I got sick in the first place. I don’t have to cover my mouth when I cough. The mask covers pretty much all my face but my eyes, so no one can see my nose which is a bright red from all the tissues. Disadvantages: it’s kind of hard to breathe. But, I can’t breathe through my nose anyway, so I was earlier just sitting here like an idiot with my mouth gaping open attempting to suck in oxygen around me but struggling… It was real attractive. No one can see now because of the mask.

I am not the only one in the office wearing one, and there are a ton of students wearing them, so it’s actually no big deal. But there you have it.


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