Earthquake 2

One thing I don’t think I will get used to while living in Japan is the earthquakes. Something about your apartment building swaying and your dishes rattling while you are on the 6th floor just makes you feel like the earth is trying to swallow you whole. I experienced what I believe is my second earthquake since arriving in Japan. Shikoku is lucky in that earthquakes are considered relatively rare here in comparison to the rest of Japan. I had only spent 3 days in Tokyo before experiencing one, but I have been here for a few months without having to endure another. Anyway, was just curling up into my warm bed with an episode of “How I Met Your Mother” when everything started shaking. It’s weird how your first reaction is: “it’s the wind!” or ” it’s just a large truck driving by,” when that obviously would not create the force to shake a large apartment building. After a few seconds, I thought, “oh it’s an earthquake” – except it was more like “OH IT’S AN EARTHQUAKE” – and I ran to the window to look outside at the ocean. Fortunately, there was no large wave making its way to shore. People were still walking about, bringing home groceries and chatting to neighbors. Apparently I am the only one this one seemed to startle. It mainly hit Hiroshima, where it was a 5.6, and we just got a bit of it – it was only rated a 2 here. (Really? That was only a 2? I would hate to see myself in a real emergency.)

An interesting sidenote though is that about 10 minutes before the earthquake the local dogs started HOWLING. Like, really howling. I was like, “shut up I’m trying to watch my stories”. They immediately stopped after the earthquake. Coincidence? Or could they sense it?

Another sidenote: All the students have tests this week, so I have no lessons but I still have to come to school. There is literally nothing for me to do here so I just sit at my desk and pretend to study Japanese (which is actually backfiring because I am really NOT studying Japanese… Really, I am sleeping with my eyes open, but other teachers have noticed that I am “studying” so they keep trying to quiz me and ask me questions regarding what I have in front of me and I never know the answer because I am not studying. So they have to walk away disappointed. It’s awkward. Yes, I realize I could solve this problem by actually studying, but let’s be real, I am just not that productive).


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