“You are PERFECT”

We had our “Skills Development Conference” last Thursday and Friday which meant that all the ALT’s from the Prefecture of The Love Princess (seriously, Ehime means Love Princess – I bet you lived in a place called the Love Princess – but you don’t… too bad) came to Matsuyama for a conference and a party. All of us Matsuyama ALT’s who work for the Matsuyama Board of Education recieved this email from our boss after our first day at the conference (okay, so the email wasn’t just regarding MY perfection, but the perfection of us Matsuyama ALT’s as a whole; and not specifically MY drinking but drinking in general. I had to lure you in to reading it somehow, so now that you are here you might as well just continue reading):

Subject: Thank you for all!

Body: Hello, everyone,

Did you enjoy today’s conference?
I heard about you from NAME-san and NAME-san. You did a great job.
Thank you for everything you did today.

Especially all Matsuyama’s ALTs were not late for the opening ceremony.
This is not special, but some ALTs in other area were late.

You are PERFECT!

I’m very proud of you.
Some of you will drink today. It’s not bad thing.
But don’t be late tomorrow like today!

And I’ll send the notice of the next meeting.
See you next week.

Isn’t that wonderful? I love our boss. Japanese & English are SO different in SO many ways so translating is impossible, and our emails are always the best. I love how he acknowledges that “some of you will drink, it’s not a bad thing”. I love it. I hope you also enjoyed.

Good day to you all


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