Christmas Lessons

The past couple weeks, as I make my final visits to my elementary schools before the holidays, I have been teaching Christmas Lessons! This basically involves a short powerpoint presentation filled with pictures of “Canadian Christmas”. Since they don’t really do Christmas here, anything I show them is greeted with shock and awe. The only thing “Christmas-y” that they do here is Christmas Cake, which looks a lot more like a birthday cake than any sort of Christmas cake I have seen. When I explained to them that we don’t eat Christmas Cake as they think of it (which is the only thing they seem to have taken into their culture from ours) they were even more shocked. It is hilarious.

These Christmas lessons are putting me in the Christmas mood! I can’t believe in 10 days today I will be at home, with family all around, enjoying a great Christmas Day! I still have sooo much shopping to do! But it doesn’t really feel like Christmas yet, with warmer weather still lingering and a total lack of any Christmas decorations.

Today, however, I was given my first Christmas gift! Since it was my last day of 2011 teaching at one of my visiting elementary schools, while I was enjoying a coffee break between classes, 4 grade five boys approached. They had made me a Christmas decoration and a Christmas card! So cute!

handmade christmas decoration from elementary studentsA handmade Christmas decoration made by my elementary students

I was so happily surprised when they gave it to me! It is always interesting which students take a liking to you in this way. These 4 kids aren’t the type to speak up in class, or to hang around after and try to talk to me. Rather, they are shy and nervous, and yet they took the time to make me this. So sweet. It really goes to show you that you make an impression on every student, even if you don’t realize it. It definitely made my day! My English-Japanese assistant also gave me some chocolates as a Christmas gift, and one of the homeroom teachers for a class I teach gave me a card which folds out into a beautiful Japanese-style calendar for 2012. What a great day!


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