Hello 2012

Happy New Year!

I have returned to my little apartment here in rural Japan, after a lovely (albeit cold) two weeks in Canada. I loved seeing my family and getting a little break from life here in Japan, which can be overwhelming at times.

I arrived at my apartment at about 9:30 am on Saturday morning. I was greeted by an abundance of overdue bills in my mailbox (oops) but also by a lovely postcard from Tara and a package from Seonaid! How surprisingly lovely! Hungry and slightly jet lagged, I immediately showered and then made myself a snack; bread & Nutella with hot chocolate (thanks G&G). I changed into a last minute gift from Nana (slipper socks) and crawled into bed with my new heating pad (which I have used multiple times now, so thanks Mom!), and thinking how Raven would absolutely die here, without inside heat (haha)! I opened my computer and put on a movie, thanks to my present from Dad, an external harddrive filled with shows! As you can tell, all my Christmas gifts are coming in useful.

It’s 6 am now, and I am wide awake; a side effect of the jet lag which always seems to have me in bed before 8pm and up before the sun. Just wanted to post a quick update and say how wonderful it was to see everyone over the holidays. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to see Amy, despite her also being in Ontario at the time, and missed Erika in the airport by mere hours!

That’s all for now, may I formally say Happy New Year to everyone and may 2012 bring you all the best!


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