The One Where James & Rachel Travel to South Korea – Part III

Have you already read Part I and Part II? Because photos have been added! So even if you have, go back and look at the fantastic professional-quality photos I snapped. Or just go to my flickr.

Okay, I promised Cherry Blossom photos so let’s get that out of the way first. Here is my favourite photo of the bunch; taken at the temple in Busan:

Cherry Blossoms & TempleCherry Blossoms at the Busan Temple

Anyway, back to the adventure. To finish up, James and I awoke on Tuesday morning, the day we expected to be taking the Beetle back to our homeland away from home, only to discover that due to great winds blowing across Japan (and Korea as well), the Beetle would be unable to make its magnificent journey. We headed over to the port to exchange our tickets, where we were also informed of a “port fee” we would have to pay – of which we were unaware of before. Unfortunately, we had spent all of our money on clothes (surprised?) and thus were left cashless. But, fortunately, VISA exists, and James was able to take out some local currency with his card from the nearby convenience store (where we made best friends – at least in our minds – with the girl working there).

With cash back in hand, we were able to stay another night in the hostel, maintain our eating (and more importantly drinking) habits, and continue to live the high life in South Korea for another day! We spent the night rocking out to Korean Pop such as this gem (relax and let your eyes and ears enjoy):

After a good nights sleep, we awoke to take the Beetle and Sunflower back to Matsuyama. The adventure this time was less … adventurous.. we knew we would arrive back in Matsuyama at 5am and have to work in only a few hours, so we made sure to sleep this time on the ferry. We ended up making back without having to take any other time off work! Which was basically a Christmas miracle.

… and so ends our South Korean adventure. Perhaps anti-climatically, we made it back in one piece, soberly, and without getting lost. I had a great time seeing Nick & Danica again – and miraculously James and I maneuvered our way there and back without fault. Yay for Spring Break Adventures!

James with our bags at the train station in Fukuoka!
Believe it or not, this was all the luggage we had!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Weekend! Wish I could have been in Canada to have a real Easter dinner and some real chocolate!



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