McDonalds Size Differences

For the sake of RESEARCH, I went to McDonalds this weekend so I could snap a picture of the small serving size. I ordered a “small vanilla milkshake”, and this is what I got:

a small's smallSmall Size in Japan

As you can see, it’s so small that more than half the straw is sticking out. I don’t even think the “kiddie” size at home is as small as this. A quick search online brought me to an image that shows the USA small next to the Japan small, which shows the extreme difference. It also confirms my suspicion by noting that the Japan small is 375ml smaller than USA’s kiddie size:

America versus JapanAmerica versus Japan – S Size. Photo Credit

I will leave you to make your own conclusions on what these sizes say about each country. It certainly is quite the difference, and I wonder what the Japanese would say seeing North Americans walking around carrying large size pop’s from McDonalds with which you need two hands to carry…

And Tara, yes there is Subway and Quiznos in Japan. There is a Subway right by the main train station in Matsuyama, although honestly I have only eaten it once!

That’s all for now! Hope everyone had a good weekend, and Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there, especially mine! Happy Father’s Day Dad! xo


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