Next Adventure

Katie and I will be heading to Sinagpore! And Bali! And the Gili Islands! Our friend and fellow ALT, Fernn, is from Singapore and her wonderful family is allowing us to use her home as a base as we make the rounds of Indonesia. A few days in Singapore, then off to Bali where we spend a few more days before taking a boat to Gili, then the whole trip in reverse. Should be an exciting time! We leave on August 4th and return on August 20th. So although I may not get a lot of blogging done during that time, no doubt there will be a plethora of stories for you upon my reutrn.

Until then, look forward to updates on my move into Matsuyama (perhaps a tour of my apartment PART TWO? .. the first one was just such a big hit I don’t see how I couldn’t make a sequel.)

Also I’m making the trip down to what I suspect is the beautiful bustling town of Ainan to visit James, who you may remember from the James & Rachel Travel to South Korea series. We plan on snorkleing and partying (in celebration of his birthday), and I am sure I will come back with at least some sort of good story.

Hope all is well back in the true North strong and free! (& whichever various country anyone else happens to be in at this time..),


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