Teaching & Learning In Japan

Despite being here to teach English, I arguably do much more learning in Japan than I do actual teaching. One example would be last Thursday when I went to my smallest visiting elementary school. I come here 3 times a month, and teach the 1-4th graders (English games, etc) and the 5-6th graders (a combined class with a total of 8 students). I plan the entire lessons so these are usually just games as well. Last Thursday, my 1-4th class was cancelled, and instead, the whole school – all 25 of us, went to learn about harvesting rice! It was good fun. I enjoyed spending time with the kids not on school grounds – somehow it changes things. I also enjoyed helping the local farmers with their crops. Rice is so much apart of the Japanese lifestyle that learning about it was a great experience. Enjoy the photos!

RiceGetting ready to harvest the rice by listening to the farmers.


The Rice Itself.

This is put through a machine that separates the rice from the stalk.

put those kids to work
Child Labor.


The Principal has the easiest job…


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