Christmas Party

On December 8th, a few of us special ones headed down to Ikata (read: no man’s land) to visit our friend Jesse’s house, and engage in some traditional Christmas rituals; mulled wine, Secret Santa, Christmas music, etc.

Christmas in IkataA homemade Christmas cake!

Christmas in IkataPresents under the tree.

The party started out classy but we quickly descended into our usual shenanigans, ending the night by throwing flour into the air and screaming “it’s snowing” – see how we react with no snow in Japan? Oh well, better at his house than mine.

Since most of my friends are returning to their homelands for Christmas (Katie & I were the only ones to do so last year), it was nice to be able to celebrate the season with them, especially this may be the last December I spend with a few of them.

Christmas in IkataHanging around the kotatsu.

All in all, good times were had.


John in Japan

Dad arrived Thursday evening, bringing with him an abundance of candy & presents. he was exactly like Santa Claus, flying in from the sky and dropping off gifts. He was pretty jolly too I suppose.

Welcome to Japan
Chillin out after his arrival.

No rest for the wicked. We were off to Hiroshima Friday morning where dad got his first taste of okonomiyaki. There is just no explaining this dish, famous in Hiroshima, you’ll just have to come here yourself and try it!

Dad’s first okonomiyaki!

Then, Saturday, we headed out for a day in Miyajima. We hiked Mt. Misen and saw more deer than is possible to count. We also climbed more stairs than is possible to count, but with sights like this, who’s complaining?

My deer!
Nice bum where ya from? Waterfall
The beautiful views on our hike!

More quality photos (i.e ones I didn’t just take on my iPhone) to come!