Rotation Sushi

There is a rotation sushi (as we call it) restaurant fairly near to my house that I have taken a liking to. As opposed to the (I assume) widespread belief that I eat sushi daily, I, in fact, eat sushi maybe a few times a month at most. You can buy it at my local supermarket though, which is convenient. I prefer not to as it is expensive and not very good. Rotation sushi places are popular because they are 1. Cheap, 2. Fun, 3. Delicious. What more could one ask of a meal?

Basically what happens is you sit down on a little stool around the conveyor belt, with the sushi chefs in the middle. They arrange the sushi, and place it on plates (coloured according to cost) and place the plates on the conveyor belt. Then, when a plate of sushi comes your way that looks appealing, you just take it and enjoy it.

You can eat a variety of (possibly deathly) fish and other sea creatures. If you don’t want to eat them, just leave them on the conveyor belt and the kids down the line can have ’em.

Yay for rotation sushi.

conveyor belt sushiConveyor belt sushi.

shark sushiSHARKKKK!

fugu japanese blowfish sushiふぐ – Japanese Blowfish. Possibly deathly, fortunately not this time.

conveyor belt sushiThe empty plates are piling up!

This has been another addition of “Rachel’s experience in Japan”.
Until next time,
xo R


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