Today I would like to introduce you to a Japanese dish you may have never heard of. It is not as popular as sushi or tempura, and most people think it’s not as delicious. It is a stringly, salty snack made of fermented soy beans and it is calledなっとう(Natto). At first taste, I hated it. I spit it out, which is difficult to do due to its sticky nature. But its constant re-occurrence in school lunches have allowed me to acquire the taste for it, and it is rapidly becoming my favourite Japanese snack. For only 1 dollar for 3 small packaged servings, I cannot get enough.

なっとうan individual serving of natto

なっとうsticky natto eaten with chopsticks

なっとうit is also commonly eaten with rice

So, what do you think? Would you try this snack? Mom, you’ll have no choice, I’m making you try it when you come (34 days!)…


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