A Thailand Tale

I can’t speak for the other two girls, but on Friday March 29th the anticipation of leaving for Thailand was too much just to at my desk in an empty school with nothing to do. So, as all the teachers left for lunch, I too slipped out, but with all my belongings and a secret plan not to return to work. Despite having arrived late, I felt I could leave early. (Total time spent at work that Friday, 3.5 hours… they are lucky to have me.) I mean, if they knew I still had to pack, clean, and watch a few recent episodes of my favourite shows before we left for Thailand that night, they’d understand.

Friday night involved an overnight bus trip to Osaka, then Saturday morning to the airport, and by Saturday night we had arrived in our beautiful hotel room at the Diamond Cliff Resort. We had arrived in Paradise! Plans to explore quickly turned into plans to shower and go to sleep, to make the most of our first full day in Phuket on Sunday.

Not to make you jealous, but there were a lot of these …

palm tree phuket“i’m a phuket palm tree”

and a lot of these …

phuket pina colada“i’m a phuket pina colada”

So as you can imagine it was a good time. I need not say more… BUT I WILL…. just later.

I can’t wait to tell you about our adventures canoeing through bat caves and around monkeys (you know I love me a monkey) with John Gray’s Sea Canoe as well as the deal with buckets, beaches, and general late night shenanigans. Stay tuned, updates and pictures and Part 2 of A Thailand Tale to come!


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