Matsuyama City by Night

The view of Matsuyama castle from the park below. Seeing the castle lit up on summer nights such as these really casts a unique aura on the city below it. One thing I will miss is late nights around the big tree in this park, drinking beers (or sake!) and playing board games under the light of the castle.

Matsuyama Castle
Matsuyama Castle

Here are a couple shots from the balcony of my apartment, taken last night. In the first one, a motorbike drove by, leaving the trail of light through the image. Anyone in Japan can guess what the bright light on the bottom right of the photo is. Can you guess? The second photo I quite like; the moonlight and the night lights of the city.. This is my view every night and it is beautiful in its own way.

The view from my front balcony.Dogo
The view from my back balcony

The bright light in the first balcony photo is a vending machine. Can’t get more Japanese than that.