Weekend Escape: Beppu Pt. 2

There is much more to do in Beppu besides visiting the aquarium! Beppu is perhaps best known for being compared to hell, and I would venture a guess that if there is one place on this earth most like hell, it’s Beppu! Visiting these hell-ish places make Beppu a popular tourist attraction, and I had to see them all for myself…

Beppu is known for its hot springs! Bubbling up from the middle of the earth all over town is hot water and steam. Although this may not be the best photo I took that weekend, it shows the steam spurting from the earth on what is otherwise a normal city street.

streets of beppu
Steam on the streets of Beppurachel in beppu
At one of the springs.

tourists in beppu at water
Here, the water builds up below the earth and only erupts naturally every 40 minutes. We made it just in time to see it burst from the earth.

People travel all over the city to see the famous springs. Although they are too hot to touch, many ryokans (Japanese traditional inns) and hotels add cold water so that you may enjoy the sulfur-y benefit this water has to offer.

Which brings me to my next point, onsens. I haven’t spoken about them but they are quite popular here in Japan. If you haven’t heard of them, I suggest you read the Wikipedia article by clicking here. One of Japan’s most famous onsens (and it’s oldest), Dogo Onsen, is located only minutes from my apartment. But if you want to know about the goings-on inside Dogo, I can’t tell you, as I’ve never been. I did, however, send dad off there when he was visiting!

Aside from visiting the onsen in the ryokan we stayed at, I also visited this private onsen, with a view of Beppu city at night. It was quite lovely!

onsen beppu Private onsen overlooking Beppu city.

The ryokan we stayed at was amazing. A lovely place with wonderful staff! We opted for a traditional Japanese experience and had dinner and breakfast in our room. It was amazing! And in true Japanese style I documented everything I ate.

ryokan in beppu
Here is our room with breakfast set up. At night, the staff clears away the table and lays out the futon.

dinner at the ryokan
Dinner at the ryokan

beppu pudding This pudding is made with the sulfur steam

That was Beppu! There’s always more to tell, but I’ll let my photos speak for themselves! See all the photos from my weekend trip to Beppu on my Flickr account by clicking here.


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