Fall Leaves

Headed out to Dogo-koen (park) this afternoon to procrastinate studying for the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test, which I will most certainly fail and have thus just given up trying. Jesus take the wheel).  But I got to take some photos and have some good alone time (versus crying in the shower alone time) which is always needed especially during these winter months where the crying in the shower alone time seems to take the lead. It was actually a beautiful day and apparently a little fresh air never hurt no one. Or so I’m told.

Beautiful eh?

On another note, absolutely dreading the start of the week. Stupid JTE (Japanese teacher of English) has planned an English Day for our 3rd year students (except apparently no English is to be used) on Friday where they present to a bunch of us foreigners (in Japanese) about Japan and we are supposed to, in return, present on our home countries. I have to do it by default because it’s my school, but she emailed the Board of Education asking for some other ALTs who speak Japanese to come as well. And the BOE, in all their incompetent glory, offered up two ALTs who speak no Japanese (Not that there’s a lack of ALTs who speak Japanese, I can think of 5 off the top of my head, but no, send some who can’t speak Japanese even though we specifically requested it, cool thanks bye). Then the aforementioned test which I will surely fail because Japan is hard. Then we have our Skills Development Conference which is the biggest joke the JET Programme puts on once a year, where ALTs give presentations to other ALTs and JTEs – Lord knows why an ALT with no training and one year experience is supposed to present to a teacher of English with 20 years experience and tell them how to do their job.. A bit (read: beyond) dumb if you ask me. But that’s whats on the agenda. No one takes it seriously but we all have to pretend to because again, Japan.

Alright that’s enough negativity for one post. I’ll bring it back up with another picture of pretty leaves. Take the good with the bad and keep on keepin on.


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