Signs of Spring

budIn the spring rain / All things grow beautiful. – Chiyo-Nia duck swims in the pondDogo-koenFor more of my photos check out my instagram and flickr.


Tokyo Scene

It’s interesting walking around a new place with my camera, snapping photos, sometimes randomly, sometimes carefully. When I get home maybe a few days or a week later, I always manage to find a favourite I don’t remember taking. One snapped without thought while walking, no repeats before or after. In this case, Katie and I were walking to the river while the sun was setting to get a look at the Sky Tree’s lights at night. While I remember taking photos before this, at the temple, and after, of the lights, this one is just in the middle, mindless, a fleeting moment. But a favourite. For some reason I just really feel like this captures the feel of Tokyo. Tokyo Scene

More from my Tokyo trip can be seen on my Flickr. Real blog post coming soon.