A few weeks ago, Futoshi and I went to Okunoshima, also known as “Rabbit Island”. The island is densely populated with wild rabbits, which obviously meant I demanded we go, especially as it was within driving distance from us in Matsuyama.

okunoshima rabbits

The island, as promised, was filled with adorable rabbits to chase and feed. But, Okunoshima has another claim to fame as well. In 1925, the Japanese Army began a secret program to develop chemical weapons on the island. In order to keep it secret, the island was removed from maps. Between 1927 and 1929 the island produced over six kilotons of mustard and tear gas. At the end of the war, documents concerning the island were destroyed, and the gas was disposed of. The island is now home to a Poison Gas Museum which shows how poison gas affects the human body and a history of the plant that once existed there.

abandoned building windows

The abandon buildings certainly have add an eerie feel to the otherwise adorable island. The remains were fascinating, and the island beautiful, and the rabbits adorable, so it definitely made for an interesting day trip!

rabbit island
rabbit eating carrot
hello rabbit
converse and rabbits
ocean okunoshima

As always, thanks for reading! I am enjoying the warmer weather we are experiencing, hope home is warming up as well! I have more posts to catch up on (including Dad & Paula’s visit) so hopefully will have the time to get those posts up this week! Happy Monday!


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