Cherry Blossoms at Matsuyama Castle

My favorite season in Japan has come and gone already. It seems as the weather gets warmer, time flies by faster. Cherry blossom season is incredibly short, a few rainy days or a busy week at work and you’ve missed it. I was travelling with Dad and Paula around Tokyo for the peak of it in Matsuyama, but we managed to get back in time to see some blossoms still on the trees. I wanted to capture Matsuyama castle surrounded by the blossoms, so here are a few photos of the short-lived, beautiful sakura.

view of matsuyama city
cherry blossoms
dad & i at the castle
castle, sky, and blossoms
sky and blossoms
whiter coloured blossoms
stone wall and castle

It’s hard to believe that is was my last sakura-season in Japan. Now rainy season is creeping up on us and after that will come the intense heat of the summer and my return to Canada. This time of year more than ever I feel like “the days are long but the years are short,” as we put in our time in the office, with not much to do, living for the weekends when we can explore, spend time with our friends while we can, and take in these last few months in Japan.

Until next time,



One thought on “Cherry Blossoms at Matsuyama Castle

  1. Beautiful pictures Rachel. You will have enjoyed your visit with your Dad & Paula which I’m sure passed quite quickly. It has been a very exciting couple of years for’ve seen so much.
    You will miss it but will be glad to be back in Canada & we will all be glad to have you here.
    Take care my dear. Lots of love..xoxo

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