Tokyo, again.

Tokyo is becoming one of my favourite cities. It’s easy to navigate, foreigner friendly (for the most part), and there are endless things to see and do.

This trip to Tokyo with Dad & Paula involved seeing a lot of the main sights, including ones that Katie and I checked out in November, like Asakusa, and some new sights, such as 47 Ronin.

We stayed at the swanky Inter-Continental, Tokyo Bay, Hotel in a room with THIS VIEW:

inter continental hotel tokyo bay viewThe view from the hotel. Jealous?

We indulged on a river cruise, complete with a geisha who served us sake, and treated us to a traditional dance:

river cruise geisha tokyo

Our walk/subway tour  also took us to some cool places like Asakusa:

Asakusa in Cherry Blossoms
outside Asakusa, Tokyo

And another view of Tokyo’s Sky Tree,

And dinner at a random izakaya, which turned out to be quite the experience as the menu was written entirely in kanji, so I just pointed at things, made a vague attempt to read them, and surprised us all with what I ordered! The waiter constantly replied “hmmm, I don’t think you’ll like that, but okay” to everything I chose, but it was all delicious!

Paula and Dad enjoying beer & sake at the izakaya

Another thing off the to-do list: See Mt. Fuji! It barely peaked out of the clouds for us so we could see it in all its glory. Little fact for you: Fuji is taller than Whistler, a fact we had to look up during the trip! It doesn’t seem that high, but I guess it is!

mt. fuji

On our Mt. Fuji day trip we also stopped by a nearby spot famous for its sulphur springs (recall Japan’s most famous: Beppu!). Here black eggs are hard-boiled in the springs, and we were sure to try them!

black eggsDad and the black egg.

black egg

Me holding up the egg with the springs in the background.

Other cool, noteworthy adventures include seeing 47 Ronin and drinks at the rooftop bar in the Inter-Continental Hotel. Be sure to check up on my flickr account if you’d like to see all the photos!


2 thoughts on “Tokyo, again.

  1. Super jealous of hotel view ;). Looks like you were an excellent tour guide, providing your dad and Paula with an interesting and fun Japan adventure! The river cruise sounds enjoyable but the sperm like gold sculpture in the Tokyo sky tree photo scared me. Happy for you that the mountain showed itself! Lastly, do tell, how were the black eggs?

    • Haha thanks! And “sperm like gold sculpture” is probably the best way I have ever heard that described! It’s actually a beer factory and the “sperm” is supposed to be the head (I feel like this is incredibly inappropriate…) and the building the beer itself. I agree that it looks nothing like the that though! haha
      The black eggs actually just tasted like regular eggs. Rather anticlimactic. 😉

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