Before I get to sharing my vacation in the Philippines and making you all jealous, I will start by informing you I spent this past weekend “working”. It was undokaior Sports Day(/Festival/something like that), at my school.  It was a hot, dusty day and students competed with their block/group for the grand prize of pride and a trophy that they have to return. Relay races, folk dances, three-legged races, and more. I took a ton of photos but unfortunately cannot share my absolute favourites with you (I can’t share any photos where students faces are visible). These images are a close second, though, and I hope they give you an idea of undokai at my junior high!

[For more information about undokai, check out this article in The Japan Times! I also wrote about my first undokai back in Hojo here (somewhere in this long post – somewhere after the first three pictures – look for “So Sunday rolls around…”!)]

undokai japanStudents line up for ‘opening ceremony’

students running relay
Relay race, each group has their feet tied together

game at undokaiThis game is tricky, students race with that pole around a marker, then run back to their group, holding the pole low, students (in rows) jump over it, it goes over head, to the next group, who set out again to run around the marker and back.

jumping over pole undokaiJump!

red team sports festivalThe red team

kendoA student from kendo shows off their skills

ganbatte!The object of this game is simple: each team ties their ankles together, then races to cross the field. It’s harder than you’d think!

the endOwari. The end.


Quick Philippines Scene

Just a quick update on my trip to the Philippines – It was AH-MAH-ZING! Filipino people are probably the nicest I have met! And Boracay quickly rose to my favourite place in Asia. Here are a few snapshots from the trip. A longer post filled with images that attempted to capture the beauty of this country is coming!

dancing shadows boracay
sunset philippines