June Photo Challenge : 1

Hello all!

June has come! Rainy season is upon us here in Japan, but I won’t let the rain dampen my spirits! I am determined to make my (possibly) last full month in Japan count! So, I have challenged myself to take, edit, and upload one new photo a day for this month. I have a few goals in mind with this project. First, I want to challenge myself creatively. I found even today (the first day!), it was difficult not to take more than one shot and think, “oh, I’ll take this one now and it can be my image for tomorrow!” This defeats the purpose. I want to make something new every day. Along with this, I want to experience something in a new way every day, or see something in a way I haven’t seen it before. Making an image out of things that seem ordinary to me will help me view my little remaining time here with a fresh perspective. Lastly, I think (I hope!) that sharing these images with you will help you (and future me looking back) better understand what daily life is like for me here in Japan. After three years here I bet there are many aspects of my daily life I don’t even realize are foreign anymore. I hope I can share these aspects with you. So, without further ado, here is my image for June 1, 2014.

man riding bicycle japan

I went out around 1pm today on my bicycle (my usual mode of transportation) to find something worthy of my first image. I immediately came across this man right outside my apartment, and followed him down this street to snap this picture. I liked him because of his style, his crisp white shirt and his cap. Cycling is a common mode of transportation for everyone in Japan. Bike parking is much easier and cheaper (free, in fact!) than car parking, and Matsuyama’s size makes cycling the most convenient option. This sort of scene is common here, and yet I don’t think I’ve shared an image like this with you yet. I hope you like it.

I appreciate your comments and support during these 30 days! Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

Love, Rachel



2 thoughts on “June Photo Challenge : 1

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