June Photo Challenge : 8

Yay! I’ve managed to successfully complete week one of this four week challenge!

Today’s image comes from this afternoon. It was a hot day today, so I made my way over to Dogo Onsen, which I wrote about back on June 4th, to people watch. As I came around the back corner, I saw all this mist coming out from the onsen. I have never seen this before, but what I could gather from the sign, it seems this happens every :15 minutes past the hour in the summer. It was lovely and refreshing on this hot day! I took a few photos of the onsen being embraced by the mist, but this image was my favourite. To the left you can barely make out the onsen building but on the right, where the woman walks in her yukata, is really what draws me to this shot. I hope you like it!



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