June Photo Challenge : 11

Today all the junior high schools had their sports competition. Each club competed to see who was the best in the city. Usually I go and watch, cycle off on my bicycle to where ever we have a game going on. Today, however, it was rainy so I decided to just stay at school and read. There were no students except for those returning from their game to tell us if they’d won or lost. In one of my wanders around the school (to stretch my legs and get out of the staffroom), I brought my camera and took this shot. This 2-2 sign you can see in the top left stands for 2nd grade (or about grade 8 at home) second class. There’s 4 classes in the second grade at this school, and each are numbered; 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 2-4. Each has their own homeroom. Teachers come to the homeroom to teach, aside from the subjects like gym and music. Unlike at home, where teachers have their own classroom in which they spend most of their time, in Japan the staffroom is where teachers are found if they are not teaching. I posted a bit about the staffroom and school in my first year (and at a different school – although mostly they all run the same) here.



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