June Photo Challenge : 15

Fifteen days ago, I challenged myself to take and upload one photo every day for the month of June. Here is my image for June 15th.

I saw this building when I was walking home after having lunch with Katie and Deandra. We went to our favourite: Ippudo ramen. Katie and I walked back to Dogo, stopping at some shops along the way. This building seemed sort of abandoned, although I’d bet people are living there, some old couple or something. The plants really seem to be taking over, and yet it doesn’t stick out. I’d actually walked past this a few times, but this was the first time I really noticed it. These sorts of half-abandoned buildings are commonplace here.

building being overtaken by plants, japan

On another note, I believe this is the first image I’ve taken in these last 15 days that is portrait and not landscape. I didn’t notice until I was uploading this one. I guess I’m learning about how I naturally shoot – I should try and mix things up.

Oh, and before I forget – it’s Father’s Day so a Happy Father’s Day shoutout Poppa John – the best father anyone could ever ask for! Love you!

Until tomorrow,

– R


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