June Photo Challenge : 16

I really have nothing exciting to show you today. I took my myself, my pedometer, and my camera out for a walk after dinner tonight, but I waited a little too late. The light was fading quickly, and I took off in a direction I don’t usually walk so I didn’t know what to expect. Sometimes this works in your favour and sometimes it doesn’t. I came across this scene though, and took a photo of it. I feel it represents a side of Japan I probably haven’t shown you before and that’s a part of what this challenge is about so have decided to share it.

residential rice field

I came across this while walking through a residential area. In between traditional and modern houses, apartment buildings of various price range, sits this rice field. I don’t see rice fields as often as I did in my Hojo days, when I was required to cycle through a few kilometers of them via tiny paved pathways to get to my school. But they’re everywhere in Japan. This time of year you can hear the frogs croaking as you walk by. In the background sits probably one of the cheaper living options in the city. The housing here is all mixed. My new, yet small and cheap, apartment is located next to houses that are worth millions and have been here for generations. Around Japan apartments and other buildings built quickly and cheaply after the war go up beside ancient temples. Farmland, temples and shrines, traditional houses and modern amenities all come together. Another example of how, at the turn of every corner, you never know what you’ll find.


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