June Photo Challenge : 17

On Tuesdays I study Japanese. 火曜日に日本語をべんきょうします!

studying japanese at MIC in matsuyama

Our teacher, きりの先生, is a lovely woman who has taught Katie and I since our arrival in Japan. She taught us everything we know. At first, Katie and I took lessons with our Irish friend Zeno. But soon Zeno surpassed us in ability and moved on to lessons by himself, and our group became 3. As of last week, Evan joins our lessons. For Katie and I, Tuesday’s are social. We always go out for dinner afterwards and some nights, like tonight, we end up at a bar having a beer as the restaurant has kicked us out to close.

I am glad I got to share this image with you, as this has been my typical Tuesday situation (plus Evan) for the last 3 years. Also, be sure to check out Katie’s image for today by clicking here. I may make an appearance…

– R


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