June Photo Challenge : 25

In order, today went from “this is boring/the worst” to “this is a lovely” then back to “this is the actual worst”.

Here’s what happened:

It was a test day at school, so the morning was fairly boring for me. The afternoon was regular classes, and I was scheduled to teach with one teacher who brings me to every class she possibly can. She has no discipline with the students, and her classes are insane. One boy today took of his pants and ran around the classroom hitting other students with his belt. The teacher did not acknowledge this. Another boy got up and sat on his friends lap. Another just kept screaming “SEX SEX SEX SEX”. Teacher just kept on teaching despite the lack of respect/attention the students had for her. Its really a strange experience to be in a class like that. And, get this: this class is split up, so she wasn’t even teaching the entire class. Half the class goes with another English teacher and the other half stays with her, so there were only about 14 students in the room. When she first started bringing me to this class, I essentially walked around keeping kids inline. But today, (oh I’m so close to the end of this job) I just couldn’t be assed and so I stood at the side of the room and stared at her as if to say “how are you letting this happen?” Its not my job in any remote way to discipline the kids, so I was really going beyond when I did before. Technically I am just the English assistant, there to help out with pronunciation, listening, reading, etc. But really this job is so much more.

After school I decided I needed a drink. I had to cycle to the bicycle repair shop where I had dropped off my bike yesterday to be fixed (I was using a loaner bike). I thought after that I would go buy some Disaronno at a special shop down by Katie’s house. Katie, conveniently, was on the exact same page as me, and we met at the store. We each bought snacks and some booze and headed down to the river to have a drink out of Hello Kitty plastic cups. We ended up talking for hours, as usual. And with that, here is today’s image.


(and check out Katie’s image today here!)

Once the sun started to go down at around 730 we figured we’d better head home. Although, I had a nasty surprise waiting for me. A COCKROACH. ‘Tis the season. Deandra said that her Japanese teacher told her they come out during rainy season because the drains flood, so it’s common to find them in your house now. THEY ARE THE ABSOLUTE WORST AND IMPOSSIBLE TO KILL AND THEY MAKE ME CRY. But I battled it out (and won) and he is now dead and in a garbage bag on the curb of the road. ICKY.

So that’s how my day went from bad to good to bad again. Nothing a little Disaronno and The Mindy Project won’t fix.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day!

– R


2 thoughts on “June Photo Challenge : 25

  1. Are you saying your job is driving you both to drink? 😉 Nice to have such a good friend to unwind with after a bad day, that’s for sure!

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