June Photo Challenge : 30

We have reached the end; the end of June; the end of my photo challenge month; and the end of my last full month in Japan. Wow.

I went out today in search of something worthy of my last image, and decided to take a little self portrait (a.k.a a classier “selfie”) in the mirrors in the street. These traffic mirrors are commonplace here, alongside the tiny roads I wander while looking for pictures. So here I am. This is just an average scene, me wandering the streets with my camera.


My final thoughts on this past month. A lot has changed, and is changing, in my life right now. I originally started this project with the idea of just forcing myself out of my house. I can get a little hermit-like at times so I wanted to give myself a reason to go out and walk and a place (this blog) to hold myself accountable. I found, for the most part, it wasn’t as hard to find photos as I thought it might be. Some days were obviously a bit more challenging than others. Some days I spent hours (seriously, so long) in front of my computer debating between 3 or 4 images I’d taken that I loved. I found my walks helped me to re-appreciate this country that has hosted me for the last 3 years. I was out seeking beauty, seeking culture, seeking to share experiences with you. I’m glad that I rediscovered some of this appreciation during this last month.

If you haven’t grown tired of all the photos yet, and I hope you haven’t, I really want to share with you more images I made this June. My goal was to each day edit and upload only one, which was a challenge in itself. I always took more than one picture a day, ranging from 4 or 5 up to around 100. I would like to edit and share some of my other favourites with you this week (including a post of all the images of cats I took! haha).

With that, I want to sincerely thank you for following me along with me this past month! Now, bring on July!




June Photo Challenge : 24

My view as I ate lunch with my fifth grade students at elementary school today. In front and out of focus are the trays of school lunch on the kids’ desks. The pink things are their thermoses filled with tea. The window shows us mountains, of course. In front of the window sit the rags which students use to clean the hallways. Students clean the schools here; there are no janitors. After lunch, every day, students spend 15 minutes cleaning the school.

Elementary school lunch Japan

June Photo Challenge : 23

Today I got all settled with a drink and my camera by Dogo Onsen, my usual scene, ready to creep on some tourists. As I brought my camera up to my eye, it was blinking “?”. I clicked the “?” to find out that my battery was running low, and my camera would not be taking any photos until it had some more juice. So I went home, plugged it in, had dinner, and headed back out before sunset to take my photograph for today. I decided not to go back to Dogo Onsen. It was getting dark so it’s harder to shoot. I walked up to view in Dogo park with the idea of getting a night cityscape. The sun hadn’t quite set yet though, and I liked what I saw. The busy street winding towards the castle, the tram, and the people crossing. And of course, atop the hill, Matsuyama castle. I always found the colours of Japan to be pretty bland. Unless I’m showing off the beauty of the yukatas or kimonos, there really isn’t much to be seen colour wise. So I chose black and white for this scene.

view of dogo and matsuyama castle from dogo park

I guess it was nice I got out twice! It forced me to go somewhere different. It also forced me to hit my 10,000 steps today!

There’s only one more week left of my challenge! Where does the time go? See you tomorrow,

– R